CEO Moneey Singh and Hayden Singh introduce A Select Few at 5X Fest. This moment signifies a milestone in A Select Few's career.


On June 12, 2019 ASELECTFEW debuted our first ever collection in collaboration with 5x Festival, Vancouver.

5X is a South Asian Millennial festival showcasing the best of fashion, music art and film. The festival explores South Asian art culture and creativity, drawing in talent and audiences from across the world.

To host our first opening showcase as a designer and fashion label, 5x fest was an extraordinary platform to connect further with the community and be featured among several renowned artists such as Raja Kumari, Sidhu Moose Wala and Mickey Singh.

Located at Beaumont Studios, we opted for a 20-ft shipping container transformed into a modern experiential space, “we wanted to really elevate the outdoor space and draw inspiration from our PHOOL PATTI collection, which translates to “Truck art” in Hindi.” Creative Director and Founder Moneey Singh explains his vision for the event’s space, “Inspired from Gujarati truck art and imagery, our latest collection draws from genuine artwork in India, we had these images and logos hand drawn and all of our fabrics and materials custom dyed.”

The decor from the space featured hand-made day beds by Moneey Singh with artwork, imagery sourced through pieces around the globe to represent ASELECTFEW’s ethos “Exchange splendid cultures.”

Throughout the night, ASELECTFEW did 10 giveaways of our 5x Fest collaboration tee, engaging with several artists, performers, and guests. 5x festival signified an unforgettable experience and moment for ASELECTFEW as it signified the official launch of the company and solidified our connection to the community as well as cultural movement we are aiming to curate.

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