A traditional truck found from India. The truck, along with the truck's art is the inspiration for A Select Few's latest collection.

Indian Truck Art - Our Capsule Collection Inspiration

Indian truck art originally stemmed from Truck Drivers painting their trucks as an expression of themselves - beautiful calligraphy, slogans, precautionary traffic messages, and meaningful religious symbols.

These vehicles often symbolize deeper meanings for long-term truck driver’s in India who may spend months of the year on the road away from their friends and families. The trucks may be decorated with memories of home, safety slogans such as “Horn Please”, or religious symbols that are for protection purposes.

The tradition of truck art décor has a lot to do with luck on the road and warning away bad omens, but also is way for truck drivers to represent and express themselves through their artwork in an everyday method. Truck art is a skill both artist and driver’s take pride in yet the method behind it is modernizing as truck painting which was traditionally hand painted are now being replaced by stickers.

We took inspiration from these images in our Spring Summer 2019 collection and adapted some of our favourite images derived from truck art and added hand-painted elements to create a refined yet traditional end result with modern fabrics. Our intention was that similar to these truck drivers, we can spread the feeling of expressing yourself through your everyday tools- whether it be your vehicle or your clothing.

A close up look of A Select Few's cardamom floral mockneck t-shirt. This image showcases a graphic t-shirt that was inspired by Indian truck art.This is a close-up of the "Pyar Costs" black hoodie A Select Few offers. The phrase "Pyar Costs" translates into "Love Costs," which is an inspiration of the design. This is a close-up of the A Select Few (ASF) logo from the black lounge pants. The logo is in a circle with orange on top and green on the bottom, which resembles India's flag.

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