Moonchild Era album art.

Moon Child Era Release

Moonchild Era album art

After all the hype, Moonchild Era has released. A project by Diljit Dosanjh, in collaboration with Intense and Raj Ranjodh, this album has exceeded all expectations. In an effort to push the South Asian and Punjabi culture, this album has done exactly that. With previous songs in 2021 that Intense and Diljit Dosanjh have done, such as Umbrella and RiRi, this album had high expectations. Moonchild Era has pushed the South Asian culture, and made music that appeals to the masses, including those not of South Asian descent. 

Diljit Dosanjh, arguably the biggest digital creator in India, has made quite the career for himself. He has overtaken the Bollywood film scene, while taking over the Punjabi music scene as well. Along with Diljit, his entire team has reached new levels. Arguably the premier South Asian music producer, This Iz Intense, has pushed his sound to a new level. Starting from his roots in Surrey, to having massive hit songs with the likes of Jasmine Sandlas, AP Dhillon and Sidhu Moose Wala to name a few, Moonchild Era has given him a bigger push in his career as well. With the recent creation of a new label, Double-Up Entertainment, now his brand new website being live, which will be linked down below, Intense is looking to take over the South Asian music scene. Finally, Raj Ranjodh has taken the next step to stardom. With big hits on songs like Tommy, Raj has finally been given the opportunity he was waiting for. This album will give him the recognition he finally deserves.

in a matter of days, Moonchild Era has reached the #1 spot in iTunes India and #1 in Canada on Apple Music, to name a few accolades. This album has not only pushed Diljit, Intense, Raj Ranjodh and the whole team to new levels, but the entire South Asian community. 

Make sure you guys check Moochild Era, alongside Intense's new website, down below!

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