In 2018, founder and CEO, Moneey Singh, was working what seemed to be his dream career, an Engineer. After working in the industry, he felt lost. He did not seem to enjoy his career as much as he liked. He wanted a change.

CEO and creative director, Moneey Singh, modelling at a photoshoot.
The iconic ASELECTFEW bird, found on some of the most popular designs. Late in 2018, Moneey's father was going on a trip to India for a wedding. Moneey, feeling disconnected from his South Asian roots, decided to join his father. On this trip, his life changed forever. With inspiration all around him, Moneey decided to shift his career and start a clothing brand, ASELECTFEW®. He found this the answer to all his problem: feeling connected to his roots and working a career he takes pride in. Moneey always wanted a brand to speak to him, but he could never find one. So he created his own.
His brand philosophy is, "To seek mediums that bridge the gap between modern and traditional design." ASELECTFEW® is a Vancouver fashion label, created to re-introduce traditional Indian culture in a modern way to appeal to the masses. The "ASELECTFEW®" name was derived as an idiom to introduce a twist on the phrase, "a visible minority." Moneey's mission when starting the brand was simple, "to provide modern and practical fashion products, inspired by traditional Indian culture, that is reimaged for customers who care about the environment, community, style, quality and want to be apart of a meaningful social and cultural movement." With this in mind, Moneey set out and launched his brand. A model styling the A Select Few kambal coat, laying on top of a Punjabi kambal, what the design was inspired and made out of.
CEO and creative director, Moneey Singh, at 5X Festival showcasing the A Select Few merchandise.
Later in 2019, Moneey had the pleasure to collaborate with 5X Fest and launch his first collection. With the goal of adding a modern twist to traditional garments, Moneey derives inspiration from common South Asian art. This is prevalent starting from his first collection, the "Phool Patti" capsule. This capsule was inspired by Indian truck art, something that caught his eye in his 2018-2019 trip to India. Indian truck art is a way for individuals to represent themselves, similar to how individuals get tattoos, these truck drivers decorate their trucks in a meaningful way for them.