On June 12, 2019, ASELECTFEW made a grand entrance onto the fashion scene, debuting our inaugural collection in collaboration with 5x Festival, Vancouver's premier South Asian Millennial festival. This dynamic event, celebrating the best in fashion, music, art, and film, serves as a melting pot for South Asian art, culture, and creativity, attracting talent and audiences from around the globe.

5x Fest provided the perfect stage for ASELECTFEW's first opening showcase, allowing us to connect deeply with the community. Sharing the limelight with renowned artists such as Sidhu Moose Wala, Raja Kumari, and Mickey Singh elevated our brand's presence within this vibrant cultural tapestry.

Hosted at Beaumont Studios, our chosen venue was a 20-ft shipping container transformed into a modern experiential space. Creative Director and Founder Moneey Singh aimed to elevate the outdoor ambiance, drawing inspiration from our Phool Phatti collection, meaning "A Flower Bursts" in Punjabi. Moneey explains, "Inspired by Gujarati truck art and imagery, our latest collection incorporates genuine artwork from India, featuring hand-drawn images and logos, along with custom-dyed fabrics and materials."


The decor featured hand-made day beds by Moneey Singh, adorned with artwork and imagery sourced globally, embodying aselectfew's ethos of "Exchange splendid cultures." This intentional curation reflected the brand's commitment to fostering cultural exchange through fashion.

Throughout the night, aselectfew engaged with the audience by hosting 10 giveaways of our exclusive 5x Fest collaboration tee. Artists, performers, and guests were drawn into the immersive experience, creating memorable interactions that resonated beyond the event.

5x Festival marked more than a fashion debut; it was the official launch of aselectfew, solidifying our connection to the community and the cultural movement we aspire to curate. The night became a pivotal moment, signifying the beginning of our journey in the world of fashion and cultural celebration.