Step into the world of New Silk Road, where we celebrate the beauty and diversity of cultures through fashion. Our creative director, Moneey Singh, blends the best of the East and the West, creating a community that's inclusive, stylish, and fun.

aselectfew was founded on the principles of cultural exchange, and it has since evolved into a dynamic community that welcomes all who share our values.

Assimilating silhouettes from Western fashion and infusing it with South Asian identity - New Silk Road combines the worlds to cultivate an experience. With subtle hints from the worlds, this design language guides the journey to those wanting to join the community.

New Silk Road seamlessly blends Western fashion with South Asian influences, creating a unique and unforgettable experience. It also incorporates technical innovation, with features such as water resistant material and taped seams, while still maintaining contemporary and timeless cuts and silhouettes.

All pieces in the collection are designed for versatility and are uni-fit, making them perfect for wear all year round, in any weather.

Join us on the journey of New Silk Road - doing more with less.