In the canvas of style and symbolism, our Bad Karma Graphic Tank takes centre stage as a fusion of expressive design and profound introspection. 

Our mission with this design was to go beyond the realms of conventional graphic tees. Inspired by the philosophy of karma, we envisioned a tank that talks about the essence of cause and effect. The "Bad Karma" graphic serves as a visual exploration of this profound concept, inviting wearers to contemplate the dance of actions and consequences.

Driven by the vision of crafting a tank that seamlessly combines style and substance, we chose a custom over-dye process that adds depth and character to the fabric, elevating it beyond a mere wardrobe staple. The four-way stretch ensures maximal mobility – a tank designed for comfort in motion.

At the centre of this tank lies the "Bad Karma" graphic, a visual representation that sparks curiosity about the 12 Laws of Karma. Each detail invites contemplation on the principles that govern our actions and shape our destinies. This cut off is an invitation to explore the profound wisdom encapsulated in karma, merging philosophical depth with contemporary style.

Designed and made in Canada, the Bad Karma Graphic Tank transcends the boundaries of conventional fashion. With every wear, it beckons you to unravel the intricacies of karma – a story waiting to be embraced and shared.

View our Bad Karma Tank here.