In the dynamic face off between tradition and innovation, aselectfew presents the Hockey Jersey – a tribute to one of Canada's national sports. Our mission unfolds with a commitment to seamlessly weave the timeless essence of athletic and vintage aesthetics into the fabric of contemporary luxury.

Our vision for the Hockey Jersey is a journey to reimagine classic sportswear, infusing it with a touch of modern sophistication. We aspire to elevate these jerseys beyond their traditional roots, pushing the boundaries of design. By introducing upcycled silk jacquard paneling and adopting a modern cut, our mission is clear – to create a distinctive piece that challenges the norm and sets a new standard for sports-inspired fashion.

Taped seams ensure durability, and a subtle rubberized label signifies the sophistication inherent in our hockey jersey. Presented in three colourways – black/silver/slate, black/saffron/viola, and black/sapphire blue/blue – our mission is to provide a versatile and stylish wardrobe option that effortlessly merges sports heritage with contemporary luxury.

The Hockey Jersey invites you to embrace a fresh era where sports-inspired attire meets the sustainability and sophistication of upcycled luxury. This is more than a vision; it's a mission to redefine, innovate, and inspire with every stitch, cut, and design.

View our Hockey Jersey in Black / Silver / Slate here.