A close up look of A Select Few's cardamom floral mockneck t-shirt. This image showcases a graphic t-shirt that was inspired by Indian truck art.

Delve into the vibrant world of Indian truck art, a tradition that transcends mere vehicle decoration. Originally an expressive outlet for truck drivers, this unique art form encompasses beautiful calligraphy, slogans, traffic messages, and religious symbols, serving as a symbolic representation of their journeys and experiences on the road.

The Origin of Indian Truck Art stems from the heartfelt expressions of truck drivers who turn their vehicles into canvases. Laden with memories of home, safety slogans like the iconic "Horn Please," and religious symbols for protection, these adorned trucks become more than just vehicles; they become a tangible extension of the drivers' identities.

For long-haul truck drivers in India, these decorated vehicles hold symbolism and tradition, serving as a source of luck on the road and a deterrent against bad omens. The tradition of truck art decor is a personal journey, where each stroke of paint tells a story, a method of representation and self-expression embedded in their everyday lives.

This is a close-up of the "Pyar Costs" black hoodie A Select Few offers. The phrase "Pyar Costs" translates into "Love Costs," which is an inspiration of the design.

In our Spring Summer 2019 collection, we drew inspiration from the rich tradition of Indian truck art. Adapting our favourite images from this cultural phenomenon, we added hand-painted elements to create a refined yet traditional aesthetic using modern fabrics. Our intention mirrored that of the truck drivers – to spread the essence of self-expression through everyday tools, be it your vehicle or your clothing.

While traditional hand-painted truck art holds a cherished place, modernization is evident as stickers gradually replace the once manual artistry. This evolution reflects the adaptability and resilience of a rich cultural practice in the face of changing times.