At aselectfew, our enduring commitment to infuse cultural narratives into contemporary silhouettes takes stage with the KMBL (kambal) Zip-Up Jacket. Far beyond being a mere garment, this jacket represents a celebration of tradition, a dedication to sustainability, and a proclamation of identity.

Crafted from upcycled fleece, the KMBL Zip-Up Jacket highlights nostalgia while staying rooted in our sustainability ethos. Boasting a boxy fit and adorned with distinctive large zipper pull rings, it stands out as a versatile piece, marrying sustainability with a touch of culture. The floral print, delicately strewn throughout, adds a layer of aesthetic charm, seamlessly blending tradition with a modern flair.

Delving into the cultural legacy of South Asian households, where kambals were often used due to thinly insulated walls and economic constraints, this jacket design transforms adversity into a canvas of art. The KMBL Zip-Up Jacket signifies a departure from convention, elevating a symbol of hardship into a luxurious garment inspired by South Asian culture.

The KMBL Zip-Up Jacket draws inspiration from the traditional kambal, reshaping it into a symbol of luxury and resilience. This innovative approach bridges the gap between traditional clothing and contemporary fashion, offering a unique lens on Indo-Western wear and Y2K aesthetics.

The KMBL Zip-Up Jacket is more than a mere fashion statement; it embodies a commitment to sustainable fashion. With a lining of two-way stretch inside, the jacket prioritizes comfort and functionality. Crafted in Canada, it proudly encapsulates the essence of local craftsmanship and adheres to ethical production practices.

The KMBL Zip-Up Jacket is a narrative of transformation, resilience, and empowerment, surpassing its status as a simple garment. As aselectfew continues to reshape the landscape of Indo-Western fashion, this distinctive jacket stands as a testament to our mission - a celebration of culture, preservation of tradition, and the creation of unique designs resonating with a global audience.

View the KMBL Zip Up here.