Our KMBL (kambal) Pullover is not just an article of clothing; it's a narrative that unfolds with purpose, offering a fresh perspective on South Asian influences within contemporary style.

Our mission revolves around breathing new life into traditional elements, and the KMBL Pullover stands as a living testament to this philosophy. Drawing inspiration from the Kambal—a blanket commonly used in South Asian households with thinly insulated walls—the design tells a story of resilience and transformative power.

This piece is more than a fleece pullover; it's an artistic expression and a commitment to amplify the voices of the South Asian community in the global fashion landscape. By elevating the Kambal from a symbol of economic constraints to a luxurious item, we aim to empower and bring cultural richness to the forefront.

Crafted from upcycled fleece, the KMBL Pullover embodies principles of sustainability and ethical fashion. The boxy cut, floral print and metal badge capture the essence of Indo-Western aesthetics, providing a distinctive touch to the wearer. 

In choosing upcycled fleece polyester, we not only contribute to a sustainable future but also pay homage to traditional values in a contemporary context. The unifit design ensures versatility, making the KMBL Pullover an ideal companion for both men and women.

Join us on a journey where tradition meets innovation, where cultural roots intertwine with modern sensibilities. The KMBL Pullover isn't just clothing; it's a celebration of heritage transformed into a unique piece for the discerning individual.

View the KMBL Pullover here.