In a stride for our Vancouver-based fashion brand, aselectfew proudly stepped onto the global stage at Paris Men's Fashion Week. As an emerging fashion designer and cultural fashion brand, our journey in the heart of the fashion capital was an exploration of Gorpcore, Indo-Futurism, Y2K and Metallic aesthetics.

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, we've carved a niche by weaving technical prowess into outdoor wear while embracing cultural aesthetics. Our brand narrative revolves around four pillars - eco-friendly decision making, cultural influences, timeless silhouettes and technical application -making Paris Fashion Week the canvas for our story.

Choosing a showroom at Paris Men's Fashion Week allowed us to create an intimate space where each piece could be explored up close. The showroom became a curated space, inviting guests to appreciate the technical elegance and cultural significance embedded in every stitch.

For our Vancouver fashion brand, the Parisian showroom marked a global recognition. We didn't just showcase a collection; we offered an experience that transcended geographical boundaries, putting Vancouver's emerging fashion scene on the map during Paris Fashion Week.

As the curtains closed on our showroom experience in Paris, we left behind not just a physical space but a cultural narrative.