The Silk Jacquard Button-Up commands attention within our collection, harmonizing traditional artistry with contemporary design, offering sophistication, versatility and sustainability in the fashion industry.

As a brand committed to innovation, this button-up shirt showcases our dedication to sustainable practices. Our vision was to upcycle a Silk Jacquard from a local Indian fabric store and create a garment that showcases a contemporary silhouette. Crafted with a 3D holographic deadstock silk jacquard, we bring a touch of eco-conscious luxury to your wardrobe. The boxy cut and the addition of a metal badge on the left chest reflect our pursuit of timeless aesthetics, telling a unique story.

The Silk Jacquard Button-Up is not just a shirt; it's an invitation to explore the duality of style. Available in three captivating colorways – silver, saffron, and sapphire blue – this piece effortlessly transitions from casual wear on the beach to a formal companion for a suited look. The 3 Cobrax Zero Invisible Snap Fastener with adjustable sleeves adds a touch of functional sophistication, allowing you to tailor your style according to the occasion.

This silk shirt isn't just about fashion; it's a narrative of blending cultures, sustainability, and elegance. As we continue to disrupt the fashion industry, the Silk Jacquard Button-Up stands as a testament to our commitment to creating distinctive and versatile pieces.

View our Silk Jacquard Button Up in Silver here.