In the diverse world of fashion, our KRTA Set tells a story that weaves tradition and technology together seamlessly. The combo of KRTA Top and KRTA Bottom isn't just an outfit; it's our way of updating South Asian wardrobe staples for the modern look.

The mission of the KRTA Top was rooted in a desire to reimagine the classic kurta—a mainstay in South Asian wardrobes, often associated with weddings and traditional events. Our vision was clear: we aimed to create a piece that seamlessly married cultural heritage with modern functionality. The collarless design and advanced construction techniques transformed the KRTA Top into more than just attire; it became a bridge connecting tradition with innovation.

Crafted from lightweight, sweat-wicking fabric, this kurta introduces a Western twist to South Asian fashion. The incorporation of two-way stretch ensures maximal mobility, making it suitable for a spectrum of occasions, from casual wear to special events. Taped seams and zip closures add a layer of durability and adjustability, aligning with our mission to design a kurta that pays homage to tradition while meeting the demands of contemporary living.

Completing the set, the KRTA Bottom seamlessly continues this mission. With a straight fit, two-way stretch, and taped seams, it ensures not just comfort but versatility. Adjustable zippers on the sides bring a modern touch, offering flexibility in styling and embracing the changing dynamics of fashion.

The trio of choices—Black, Pistachio, and Paprika—provides a canvas for personal expression within the set. It's an invitation to explore the spectrum of tradition and innovation housed within a single wardrobe ensemble.

Crafted in Canada with meticulous attention to detail, the KRTA Set is more than a fusion of fabrics; it's a celebration of cultural richness adapting to contemporary needs. With every wear, it tells a story of the seamless integration of tradition and modernity, inviting you to be part of this narrative.

View the black Technical KRTA Top here and the black Technical KRTA Bottoms here.